Just yesterday, I posted about how the boy loves me in his little ways. Then I find myself in the midst of being upset with him later last night. How he wants his time alone because he isn't in his best state, emotionally. It leaves me thinking why he couldn't have told me from the… Continue reading #051



On most days, I take for granted the boy's love for me. Until I am half asleep when he comes into the room and sees me with the iPad he got me fo Christmas. He'd take it from me gently and kisses my forehead before he sets his own alarm clock and sleep. Pretty much… Continue reading #050


CNY eve dinner with 3/4 of the family from my mom's side. The other 1/4 is with their own family which is pretty big too. I'm glad I managed to come home for dinner, despite already having moved across the bridge. That makes my coming home a lot lesser. Been eating a lot more these… Continue reading #049


I'm starting to wonder if this has become a platform where I dump all my negative feelings in to. I wonder if I am depressed at all due to all the negativity that I keep inside, instead of telling the boy. I know he is the last person to understand all my feelings even if… Continue reading #048


   How am I so frustrated with work all the time, I get so stressed every week when the schedule is out. Because it's really shit. Especially this week. I got Wednesday and Thursday off last week, I requested for Thursday / Friday off this week so my off days aren't so close together. When… Continue reading #047


Sneak peak ; That feeling when your trainer from Japan is in town for a week and you've been nervous the whole day. Here's a sweet potato flavor, coming your way in a few months. I haven't done any sort of piping before, so I guess I can say that I have zero piping skills.… Continue reading #046


Every single time that the boy and I got out for grocery shopping after work, I never get myself any chips or snacks. All because, in that moment while we are choosing, I don't have the feeling of eating any of them. It's not until I'm hungry and waiting for him to come home to… Continue reading #046


Absolutely rare that I got weekend off, 98% chance of a N O. But today is one of the rare times and yet, the boy has duty. I am starting to feel like they gave me a weekend off, knowing the boy wouldn't be able to spend time with me and I just feel like… Continue reading #045


I really miss reading. I miss being a bookworm. I miss buying new books. I have to stop myself from going into the bookstores now because I have a few books piling up already. // There's a new guy at work these few days. That I have realized, how impatient I get. More of a… Continue reading #044


It's pretty chilly these few days and I really like it. I like wearing my jacket out. But today has been a little tough for me. Shall I start with how bad my evening was? I promise it's probably only 3/4 as bad as my morning. It only just made me tear up at wor.… Continue reading #043