Just a quick update on my phone while I'm laying on the play mat of my friend's house. 1210am and I'm too stressed to sleep. There is honestly nothing for me to stress, but my schedule came in at the wrong time where it's almost my bedtime. I tend to stress about my schedule a… Continue reading #023



Things have been a little messy here and there, that I've been looking for the words to put it here. I've also been at the boy's place a lot lately, maybe that's why I haven't seem to find the time to sit down and reflect on how everything has been. Which I suppose is good… Continue reading #022


Been almost a month since I posted anything. It's been honestly pretty much work and the boy. Mostly with me being frustrated about getting a full time job and feeling like our relationship is threatened by it. I get where the boy is coming from but can't help feeling like it's testing us. Testing him.… Continue reading #021


UPDATES OF OUR CH2017 TRIP: DAY 1; Woke up at 330am to wash up and all before waking up the boy at 4am while I double check if I brought everything I wanted to bring. Then realizing that as long as I brought my passport and air ticket, everything else isn't as important. Okay, maybe… Continue reading #020


The boy surprised me by picking me up from work last night. He came 45mins early just to wait for me there, and he got me 6 pieces of tako too as snack. That has never happened before, so I was very surprised and also excited to see him even tho it's only been four… Continue reading #019


Weather has been pretty warm lately, I'm honestly glad it rained thunder today for at least an hour. It's windy and chill here when it rains, that's good. Quite the contrast when it doesn't and it's warm and sunny. Which reminds me that I forgot to bring in my sunflower seeds that I planted in… Continue reading #018


  The day we brought our dog across the border and he got a bit carsick. I guess the ride was a little too long for him, he fell asleep, snoring - while we were reaching.     We brought him to the nearby park the next day and he took his first ever slide,… Continue reading #017