The day we brought our dog across the border and he got a bit carsick. I guess the ride was a little too long for him, he fell asleep, snoring - while we were reaching.     We brought him to the nearby park the next day and he took his first ever slide,… Continue reading #017


The boy came over yesterday and we had brunch at Platform 1094 that serves Harry Potter themed food. Or is it basically just a Harry Potter themed cafe? But I'm actually really hooked on their Crab Meat Pasta, so I sometime bug the boy that I wanna go cos I have cravings for that. But… Continue reading #016


Not quite sure how but I ended up sleeping after 3am last night. This week feels extra long all because I haven't seen the boy at all since Sunday. Suddenly so envious of everyone else who gets to see their other half every so often. I'm jealous. Makes me feel really lonely, it's like I… Continue reading #015


Today's shift starts at 5pm, maybe that explains why I'm still home at 2:10pm. heh. The past two days at work was rather boring even tho it was closing and I supposedly had more sleep than doing opening. But currently debating which one I prefer doing. Especially after the move and all. I wonder which… Continue reading #014


I wonder if this week has been a good week. Regardless, I strive for next week to be a good one. Had mid-shift at work today, then went grocery shopping and got a salad and two hand rolls to eat with the boy when he comes over later. But I guess it won't be anytime… Continue reading #013


Just came home from work and washed up. A little too lazy to wash my hair so maybe I'll do it tomorrow when I'm home. Currently hiding in my air conditioned room with my dog and having some honey yogurt with raisins. Work was slightly busier than usual, maybe that's why I ended up spending… Continue reading #012


The past few days have been a little difficult for me. For some reason, I have hit low point. I don't know how I got here. I don't know how I'm suddenly hit with a wave of insecurity. Mostly insecure with the boy, really. The night that the boy went out for dinner with his… Continue reading #011