Life is tough, to a certain extend. I feel like I've lost my direction when it comes down to work. It's more about meeting different kinds of people and discovering what I kind of person I am. In the year of losing myself while working at that one place that's not too bad - I… Continue reading #042



Today's lunch is fried rice with egg and shrimp, seasoned with marmite. It was raining the whole day that I had a three hour nap in the afternoon. The boy had plans to visit his friend's shop because they're having a cup noodle tasting day, seems like a good day to have it tho. Also… Continue reading #041


Just a quick update while the boy is out seeing a doctor cos he's not feeling so well, suddenly. So I'm just lazing around till his done and back so we can have breakfast together. But that depends on what time he will be done, 'cause work starts at 12pm for me today. Expecting it… Continue reading #040


Just came back to the boy's place after dinner with dad and sis. Mum went to meet her friends We had clay pot rice for dinner with watercress soup and vegetable and some Chinese pork. Today is the third day in a row I'm having dinner with my family. Today is the third day we… Continue reading #039


Still find myself thinking about you almost everyday, looking up on how people have been missing you. They're all better at expressing themselves, me - not so much. Every single time that I thought about you, oh how my heart just breaks. I know how you would've wanted us to say that you have worked… Continue reading #038


First day back at work after almost a week's worth of holiday. Even if my last day of break ended more on a sour note for me, but the end of it, the boy doesn't even know why I got upset, so. 10.5hrs of work today because I had an hour lunch break, plus half… Continue reading #037


Rant post ahead ; i wish this this post was a positive one, instead of negative. Seeing it’s the first I’m doing on this iPad that the boy got me for Christmas. I was also hoping to be able to document our Christmas trip but I Guess that will have to wait till my next… Continue reading #036


Oh, my fragile heart. How I came across this heart-breaking news, wishing it was just a mis-read news. It was on Channel News Asia’s Facebook Page, how silly of me to wish it was just some sort of horrible joke. I spent a whole day at work zoning out, checking every social media I have… Continue reading #035


The boy got this one for me just two nights ago, at Christmas Wonderland. Something we go to almost yearly. We skipped last year's because you didn't need to get tickets for it the year before, and we were a little turned off by the idea of it. It's our almost third Christmas together and… Continue reading #034


Felt a lot like a short week at work, after working for nine days straight and finally having my off. Working for nine days straight isn't tiring until the last day, you really don't feel it till that day. I got back to work for three days and it's my off again. A little tough… Continue reading #033