Just a quick update on my phone while I'm laying on the play mat of my friend's house. 1210am and I'm too stressed to sleep. There is honestly nothing for me to stress, but my schedule came in at the wrong time where it's almost my bedtime. I tend to stress about my schedule a little too much. Therefore giving me just a little bit of headache at the moment.

Just spent the evening at the boy's grandma's funeral. Got a little tired even tho I didn't do anything. Didn't exactly have a good dinner of rice and stuff. But who am I to complain about food right now. I think I'm a little annoyed over requesting for off and not getting it. Wished I was just told they couldn't give it to me instead of saying okay but not getting it. Then I see other people getting it. Wow.

Who knows, maybe she secretly hates me. But it isn't as if I had that much of a conversation for her to dislike me.

Texting the boy right now telling him how I'm stressed over nothing. My eyelids are heavy and my stomach feels funny. Not to mention my head is starting to cramp. Here's to a not so tough day tomorrow where I won't feel too tired and hopefully get enough rest before a long Monday's blues. Fingers crossed I get a kiss from the boy before work too, if I'm lucky.


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