Things have been a little messy here and there, that I’ve been looking for the words to put it here. I’ve also been at the boy’s place a lot lately, maybe that’s why I haven’t seem to find the time to sit down and reflect on how everything has been. Which I suppose is good because this way, I won’t get any negative thoughts in my head.

A bit of a backlog from here ;

Over the past two weeks or so, I went on an interview for Pablo. The ever so famous (or is it overrated )  cheese tarts from Japan. I have a friend that was working at the office before she went back to Lady M’s central Kitchen, she still does office stuff over the weekend, help me get their recommendation email. I went down for an interview and started my first day –  the next day. First day was fine, seeing that they haven’t officially open. But I felt a little left out, seeing that everyone has already been here for training for two weeks. My second day was on Tuesday, the official opening day. Kinda stressful seeing there’s a queue and what not. Besides stressful and feeling like I was an animal in a zoo, since it’s an open kitchen concept, I really felt that it was fine. Maybe it’s because everyone else was fast. But I still felt like I don’t belong. Maybe no one will ever find a job where they belong and be satisfied with the salary.

I was so glad on the second day, I saw a familiar face. Someone I used to work with at Lady M. Even tho we spoke for barely 5mins and didn’t have the time to go for lunch together because he was morning shift and I was mid-shift. But I was just thankful I got to see him for a few hours, it was really comforting.

Besides being caught up with work, been pretty busy with the boy because his grandma got admitted into the hospital. Therefore, we’ve been there on most days. I didn’t have the heart to throw a tantrum when we had to be there on my birthday/anniversary. Despite my inner child raging and boiling already. I might have shown a little bit to the boy how I was unhappy even tho I know he didn’t mean to and he never expected to spend the day that way. I felt pretty awkward when I was there for almost the whole week, considering I never really liked the hospital because I’ve always been scared of the things I couldn’t see. His grandma passed away this morning, I’d be at the wake for the next one and a half days before I start work and go back to that after.


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