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DAY 1;

Woke up at 330am to wash up and all before waking up the boy at 4am while I double check if I brought everything I wanted to bring. Then realizing that as long as I brought my passport and air ticket, everything else isn’t as important.

Okay, maybe money too.

After waking the boy multiple times and he finally got out of bed while I get all fidgety, we were finally downstairs sharing a cup of water and getting our Grab ride to the airport. It was a half hour ride, maybe a little pricey but considering it was at 430am, with no other options for a ride, it was alright. Good thing we got to the airport early and had the boy’s bag checked in early, cos the queue started forming the moment we turned our backs around and sat down at Marybrown’s for breakfast. The boy asked quite a few times if I’d want to cross the street for Mcdonald’s but I was way too lazy to drag my cabin size luggage over. So we had to settle for second opinion. Not so satisfying and my eyes still had trouble opening despite the morning coffee. Got my second cup of coffee at Starbucks after walking around the airport to see what’s around, there must be a reason why Changi Airport is now the #1 airport. harhar

The rest of our day one was pretty much spent travelling.

  • 930am – Reached KLIA 2
  • 10am – 2nd round of breakfast
  • 1030am – Got on to our ride to our hotel
  • 5pm – Reached our hotel
  • 6pm – Went out to explore and found a cafe that sells western food and had our dinner there to avoid the rain because it started raining so heavily.
  • 7pm – Brought two instant noodle cup thinking that we would want to eat it later into the night in case we got hungry.
  • 9pm – Washed up and in our hotel room while I’m cuddled up next to the boy eating our room service aka overpriced lasagna and strawberries with chocolate that we brought at the market downstairs.
  • 1030pm – I somehow fell asleep while watching movies on the telly and the boy woke me up to make me brush my teeth before falling into a deep sleep.

DAY 2;

I woke up at about 820am, washed up and woke the boy up to have our hotel breakfast. Obviously not the best hotel breakfast, how great can hotel breakfasts be anyways right? But I was honestly just glad to have a cup of hot morning coffee and some food down my stomach like mini pancakes and scrambled eggs that don’t taste very good with porridge made with cheap rice. We went to get our tour tickets that starts at 2pm, then went for a morning walk to the Rose Garden that was kind of 300 metres away and towards the slope of the hill.

A slight mistake to have worn long sleeves because it was quite a walk, haha. I’d say it was quite a fruitful walk because we saw flowers and sightseeing that we didn’t exactly planned to go. Actually wanted to go to the tour that includes going to Boh Plantation but the guy said they weren’t going that day because there’s gonna be a traffic jam due to public holiday. And we couldn’t go the day after anyways because the tea farm would’ve been close. Maybe a bit of miscalculation on our part, or mine, because I really thought everything was very near together and we could just walk. HAHA. Public transportation is irrelevant in M’sia.

We had a simple lunch at a shop house near our hotel, just the boy ate because I didn’t quite had an appetite so I stole a few bite of beehoon from the boy. Went back to the hotel while I washed up and lazed around till the receptionist called us saying that the tour is ready so we took our time to head down. The tour was quick, I could see why some people don’t like it. 30 – 40 mins at every stop honestly isn’t even enough. Especially at the Lavender Farm, quite the attraction that I was interested. I was just glad I got the Lavender ice cream, first thing we queued for the moment we got off the ride and bought our tickets. It was really light, even the boy who isn’t so much of a lavender fan said that it tastes nice because the flavor isn’t too strong so he liked it too. Brought a lock because I saw a lot of it that was locked near the ice cream stall but didn’t get a chance to lock it so I ended up bringing it home with me and it’s in my bag now.

The highlight of going to the cactus farm was, not the cactuses that impressed the boy and I – even if there was one or two that caught our attention because of how big they were, the tea boiled egg. We got one to share while at the entrance as we saw a short queue of people buying cup corn or steamed sweet potato. It was already peeled so good for us right, haha. We shared the one egg while walking around and it really fed our tummies since it was cold and the egg was warm and delicious. It was so good that after walking around, the boy got another one for himself.

Went to a strawberry farm that lets you pluck your own strawberries, possibly the sole reason we went there because I was so insistent about strawberries and saying I want to pluck my own but when we arrived at the farm, I decided I didn’t want to pluck any. Instead, I brought a box of fresh strawberries that was possibly 20RM cheaper, with fresh cream and the boy got a cup of strawberry juice. Which was quite interesting considering that you don’t see it a lot around here. Or is it that I haven’t been out much, heh.

The tour provided steamboat dinner, which was really not so much as satisfying since it was halal. Therefore, no beef, no pork. I was full by the end of it, but really not so much as I would say, satisfied. So that’s the end of a full day 2, fulfilling and I’m so very thankful that I got to try and see new things with the boy.

DAY 3; aka last full day

I woke up at 9am, missing my 830am alarm clock. Washed up and woke the boy up for breakfast which we queue a bit compared to the day before. Went back to the room and changed and we were out walking around again. We actually visited a bee farm, which really took us by surprise. The bee farm was actually open air housing a lot of bee houses that we did not bother to count. That wasn’t even so much of a big deal since I didn’t even notice what were the bugs that were bumping onto my two feet till we noticed that the bees were actually free roaming bees.

I guess that kind of freaked me out a bit, otherwise we would’ve walked that place a bit more that we did. We were kind of expecting a closed room with a lot of information on the walls and samples of beehives and a person actually telling you how do bees work and everything but I guess not. That bit kind of took us by surprise so even until now, I don’t really know how I feel about it. There was also a bee maze where the entrance fee was RM3. Doesn’t sound like much since it’s less that $1SGD, but we felt so cheated when we went it. It was basically just a room with hollow walls. I would’ve at least expected a room with bee information on the walls, honestly. Was that too much to ask? The lights don’t even fill up the whole room so half of it, I was pretty freaked out and wanted to get out of it quickly, I think that kind of pressured the boy to get out. heh.

The rest of the day was spent walking around more and looking more closely at the things we missed out looking at the past two days and buying souvenirs. Also, taking as much photos together. I’m not so much of a photo taking person when I’m alone, but the sole reason I do is so that I can share it to the boy. When we’re together, I think I do it even lesser because he’s right next to me. I think this trip, I took a lot more than I thought I would. Vlogs too. Not too long, mostly less than a minute and even with it complied, a day’s worth was less than 10 minutes. But I’m still glad I did it. It’s actually our virgin trip together considering that we’re together for 23 months. Almost two years even tho it doesn’t really feel much like it has been.


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