The boy surprised me by picking me up from work last night. He came 45mins early just to wait for me there, and he got me 6 pieces of tako too as snack. That has never happened before, so I was very surprised and also excited to see him even tho it’s only been four days that I haven’t seen him. Extra sweet of the boy since he has duty the night before yesterday and barely slept but he still came down. Also very smart of him cos that made me guilty for scolding him in my head when he asked me what time I’m working till last night and I asked if it’s because he’s going to drop by when he’s done with work to see me.

Two more days till I see him again on Sunday. Probably just one and a half days till I get to see him. Lunch and a movie, maybe dinner with his family as belated father’s day dinner even if I’m kind of dreading it because I’m worried about what his mom and grandma will say. More worried about the grandma really, so really fingers double crossed that his sister will be there so she could distract them from saying anything mean. His grandma tends to say mean things when his sister isn’t around.

Finally changed my bedsheet to one that fits and a matching blanket. Even tho I can’t wash the blanket yet cos we haven’t got the hanger to dry such a big piece of blanket so it’s okay. I guess it’s better for the boy when he comes over cos he tends to cover me in the middle of the night and I hog the blanket a lot hehe. So hopefully when he comes over next week, it’s more than enough for the both of us.

I’m also really excited for our short vacation to Cameron Highlands next weekend. Even tho I’m really nervous about the bus ride up and down but I’m trying to think positive. Besides the bus ride, I can’t wait to spend 5 days with the boy! That’s almost a full week! Which is really rare. Even tho I probably have to leave him alone for the weekend cos he needs his alone time but maybe I get to make him squeeze in time to let me have his birthday dinner together with him. Either way, I’m really excited and I can’t wait!


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