Weather has been pretty warm lately, I’m honestly glad it rained thunder today for at least an hour. It’s windy and chill here when it rains, that’s good. Quite the contrast when it doesn’t and it’s warm and sunny. Which reminds me that I forgot to bring in my sunflower seeds that I planted in a small wooden box I bought from Kinokuniya a month back, it’s a little too late when I remembered. Also the cactus plant my sister just put out to dry under the sun this morning because she might have accidentally watered it too much is probably drowning now too haha.


Been doing bits and pieces of coloring lately to keep myself occupied whenever there’s a bit of time here and there, barely any where near done but I’m glad it’s coming together.


Hehe, also the dog this morning. Not his best morning face but I think he’s pretty wiped out lately, people have been coming in and out lately. Especially the contractors and all. I think he will feel quite lonely when everything has settled down. But it’s been better now already this week, as compared to when we first came in. How long has it been, a week?


Also our lunch place today, they have the nicest laksa soup I’ve tasted this whole week. And their tree canopy is also really pretty even if the leaves might fall any other time haha

Can’t wait to see the boy tomorrow even if it means I’d have to get up super early just to have brunch with the boy and catch a movie and dinner before I come home. But I’m still excited to see him anyways because I haven’t seen him for the whole week and we barely have the time to talk and all.

Rather big family dinner later at 7pm. Not quite sure if I’m actually excited about it or worried, but fingers crossed that it’s not so bad?


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