The day we brought our dog across the border and he got a bit carsick. I guess the ride was a little too long for him, he fell asleep, snoring – while we were reaching.



We brought him to the nearby park the next day and he took his first ever slide, I think he was pretty satisfied, glad I caught this look on his face.


There’s the prettiest sunsets here, maybe it’s the way the sunlight reflects onto the houses and the silhouette of the trees. I’m glad I get to see different sunsets the past few days.

Yesterday’s breakfast. It was a rather huge bowl for just a small, they’ve got really nice chili that I added two scoops in without tasting how it is without the chili. But it’s still really good and I really want to bring the boy here. They’ve got this minced meat rice that I thought the boy might like.

Also got this sticker from Daiso just the other day, I think it’s a really good buy. It really reflects the sun but just a little difficult to paste the sticker properly. Ended up having quite a bit of air bubbles in it.

Also haven’t seen the boy for pretty much the whole week. Barely spoke to him too. He’s been out at sea and I wanted to video call him but our wifi was only set up on the day he’s out at sea again so I was a little annoyed. Can’t wait for him to be back so i can video call him and also go out to see him on Sunday. A little sad I won’t get to see him as frequently but hopefully, we’ll be alright. Really looking forward to our trip towards the end of the month. We’re going Cameron highlands and plucking strawberries and visiting lavender farm and tea plantations. Which the boy likes tea the way I love coffee haha so that should be exciting, I can’t wait.


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