The boy’s place has some really pretty sunrises, whenever I leave for work in the mornings. Sunsets too whenever I managed to catch them. I went for an interview today. To which I was reluctant to let the boy find out because I felt like it was bad luck. It’s kind of weird but I rather let… Continue reading #030



Did some therapy baking today. Souffle kind of cheesecake is my favorite, maybe that's why I find myself making it more often than cream kind of cake. Also because it's more inconvenient now to just decide to go grocery shopping for ingredients. It isn't just downstairs my house anymore. Am I considered depressed enough if… Continue reading #029


Two and a half months into my new full time job and two pays later, I find myself looking for new jobs already. Honestly questioning myself as to why this is happening. How am I looking for a new job, when I'm not even done with my probation. Even tho, since I already want to… Continue reading #028


Not quite sure if work is getting easier or am I just getting used to it. At least, I haven't heard them ask if I did it for the past few days. Work was kind of tensed the other day and I'm kind of hoping it wouldn't be so when I'm back on it tomorrow.… Continue reading #026


Work has been pretty average lately,  literally same thing different day. Is this how three weeks has passed and I barely even noticed? Work has been okay, if you minus when anything goes wrong and they always ask if it's you - first. I get quite offended by it, honestly. Out of every one, the… Continue reading #025


The boy has been so busy with the funeral that it's obviously wrong to throw a tantrum. But it's been getting really difficult to keep it in. Especially since I woke up this morning, insecure. I had a bad dream where we fought and he just decides to hit on some girl that we've never… Continue reading #024