Had the whole day out with the boy yesterday. Went to catch Incredibles 2 & The Ant-Man. I fell asleep for about an hour-ish of the show, heh. It felt really nice to spend the whole day out together. Happy birthday my love, you deserve nothing but the best. You will never come across this,… Continue reading #061



Came back from JB today and I saw a pile of clothes in the toilet , at the boy's place. So I very naturally washed it up. I really wonder, if I were not to help, how long are they going to leave it there till they decided to wash it. It's not a lot… Continue reading #060


I wonder if this is me, having a quarter life crisis. How many times do people go through this in their lives? Do they go thru it again when they are 50? Been feeling this since months ago, they've been getting stronger lately. Especially seeing how well other people are doing. I have yet to… Continue reading #059


Came back from work to the boy's place today after a rather boring mid-shift today. Things have changed a bit in the last week, like them not having a helper at home anymore. His mum has been home for the past one week. Which is okay since she hasn't raged yet. Maybe cos I've been… Continue reading #057


I wish I'm one of those people that made pretty things. Or that I could write or draw pretty things to the eyes. But I'm none of that. I wonder if it the lack of practice but just wow at how insecure I have been getting lately.


Is this me having self doubt or quarter life crisis, I don't know. I can't help but feel like I have let people down, if not - my family at least. I know there are people that went to the same school as me and yet they are at a totally different path. But that… Continue reading #055


Annoyed, at the best. I am back at the boy's place today. It was going as usual, until his mum comes out. I thought I was okay since she probably is just getting her dinner. Until she asks me to get some soup to drink. So, I said I will wait for the boy. Suddenly,… Continue reading #054


Have not been on here for awhile, didn't get to trace back much about my Christmas cruise trip with the boy, also didn't get to update about my family trip to Taiwan last week, before my sister went of to China for work. She'll be gone for about a year. Just the other day, I… Continue reading #053


When you try so hard to become better and you really believed that things were getting better.. the boy's mum drooped a bomb last night. Not sure what set her off in the first place, but while me and the boy were having dinner at home, she was already talking about how messy the sink… Continue reading #052